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Hard News & are teaming up for a new and improved second edition of the Hardstyle Awards for 2023. As two independent entities within the Hard Dance scene, we found it suitable to team up as partners to host an event where prestigious prizes will be awarded to this year’s absolute best.

Joining forces with you guarantees an experience that takes into consideration a multitude of factors, ultimately shaping the finest Hardstyle music awards ceremony.


This year’s Hardstyle Awards Ceremony will take place on Thursday, January 4th, 2024, in the Brabanthallen in ‘s Hertogenbosch. The event is invitation-only. A social media recap showcasing the winners of prestigious awards will be shared on January 4, 2024, 21:00.

No, the Hardstyle Awards Ceremony is by invitation only. It is not possible to purchase tickets for this event. A social media recap showcasing the winners of the prestigious awards will be shared on the same day.

The polls for the Hardstyle Awards 2023 will open on December 1, 2023. You can cast your vote until Friday, December 8, 2023.

Why are Hard News and the perfect parties to organize the Hardstyle Awards? Both platforms are completely independent. The news and information provided by both websites covers all artists, labels and parties in the world of harder styles.

For the Hardstyle Awards 2023, the data is compiled based on Open Source Streaming Data (from platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud) and information from In addition, fan votes and brand expertise, including assessment by a jury and the experience of Hard News and, play a role in the process.

For everything music-related for the Hardstyle Awards 2023, we count all dates from December 2022 to November 2023. This means that tracks and albums released in December 2022 also count in the voting round. Tracks released in December 2023 or later will be included in the 2024 Hardstyle Awards.

The same goes for events. It is possible to vote for December 2022 events, but not possible to vote for December 2023 events. The events in December 2023 will be included in the Hardstyle Awards 2024.

We try to improve the Hardstyle Awards every year. That is why this year, every artist can be voted on in the categories ‘Best Artist’, ‘Best Track’, ‘Best Album’ and ‘Most Promising Artist’, and every label can be voted on in the ‘Best Label’ category. So where last year you could vote for pre-selected artists, this year you can vote for everyone.

In addition, we decided to replace ‘Best Liveset’ with ‘Best Festival’ and ‘Best Indoor Event’, and the ‘Best Talent’ award will be replaced this year with ‘Most Promising Artist’.

Last year, the nominees for ‘Best Liveset’ were based on the number of views on YouTube. This year we decided to change this approach, because not every live set is online or accessible to everyone to stream. This category has therefore been replaced by ‘Best Festival’ and ‘Best Indoor Event’.

For the Hardstyle Awards 2023, it has been decided to replace the ‘Best Talent’ award with ‘Most Promising Artist’. This decision was made because the word Talent brings to mind a young artist who is just entering the world of harder styles. However, there are many artists who have been producing for years and have more experience, but only broke through later. It was decided to use the term ‘Most Promising Artist’ for this award, as this better describes it.This new category is sponsored by XXL Nutrition.

All events where all stages are completely covered are classified in the ‘indoor event’ category. Events with at least one stage in the open air are classified in the ‘outdoor festival’ category.